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Hey guys this ones got me a little confused, what doesn't lol. I've got some baits painted but the lips aren't installed, i'm going to devcon them in place. I guess what my question is do you guys paint with your lips in or out. I've tried doing both but seem to have a hard time with cleanup when their on the bait. I mask them but the devcon gets on the tape an makes a bad look after clean up. Just thought I'd throw this out to see whats best or any good ideas. Thanks again

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Here is the way I do it.

I put a folded piece of something, (index cards work great),

in the lip slot to keep the paint out. After I finish all painting,

including eyes, gills or whatever.

I hold the bait in vertical position, and clearcoat

around the head and lip area. If you are clear coating

with Devcon 2T go ahead and glue the lip in,

what epoxy that overflows the lip slot will start

to run down the side of the bait. I use this to start

my clearcoating. Note of caution, your lip needs

to fit tight enough in the slot, that it will not

move when you rotate it for curing the epoxy.


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Muskietom, I think both ways are correct and heres why. First off, I know what you mean about the masking tape buildup. If you are restoring an older bait that has a lip in it already, you have to find a way to make this work. I have just used some sandpaper to take the edge of it off. On my baits I put my hardware ( lip & screw eyes ) on last AFTER the paint job, then a final 2 clear coats. I always seem to have to clean up the screw eyes a bit and a little spillage on the lip, because the clear coat runs a little and it seals the holes up. Cody

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