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foam Nation boys,Got some ???'s!!

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alright, got some molding clay, wood for the box, bondo, screws, etc. Obviously the clay needs to be deeper than the half side of the bait that will be imbedded. Does the clay around the bait have to be smoothed out?? Should I leave the existing lip slot intact or fill it in?? How well does the bondo pick up detail for the lip slot?? Should I vibrate the mold to remove any air bubbles? When the bondo has cured how do you know how much to sand off so the face of the mold is smooth? sorry about all the f.n.g. questions

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Have you read the tutorial??

If so you will notice that you mark a centerline around

the model with a ballpoint pen.

When you pour the bondo over your model this pen ink will

transfer to the bondo.

Then you put some sandpaper on a good flat surface and

sand the bondo down to the ink mark.

Put the model back in the mold and check the centerline.

You are wanting to make two identical halves.

No, the clay holding the model does not have to be smooth, but

the smoother it is, the easier it is to sand down the first

half of the mold.

You don't need screws to hold the mold frame together,

all you need is some masking tape or rubber bands.

I have not tried to mold in a lip slot.

Husky has and he used a piece of metal in the mold.

Husky is the expert, he knows more than I about this.


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