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Foil Wrap???

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#1 fishing nut

fishing nut


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Posted 23 December 2004 - 10:22 PM

I just made a new crankbait and was wondering how you go about foil wrapping it. I have seen some examples on the board and really like the way they look. If anyone could tell me the materials needed and the steps in volved it would be greatley appreciated.

#2 Lincoya


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Posted 23 December 2004 - 10:56 PM

I use HVAC aluminum foil tape available at Lowe's. It already has the adhesive on it. In other words, peel and stick. I use a piece of threaded rod and roll it diagonally across the foil and then roll it again at about a 45-degree angle to create the scale pattern. Cut the tape a little larger than the lure and stick it in place. I then use a burnishing tool such as a spoon or the handle of a butter knife to smooth and blend the edges. I then coat the lure with Devcon 2-ton epoxy, let it dry, lightly sand it, and it's ready for paint.


#3 BassNator 1

BassNator 1


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Posted 23 December 2004 - 11:34 PM

Hey Fishing Nut, Lincoya told you a good way. :!:
I use some aluminum foil. Thats right, regular household aluminum foil. :D I have two pieces of aluminum foil that is cut a little bit larger than the lure. Cut it a good size so you can put the foil and cover the side, and also to wrap around the top and bottom a little. I prime my lure first with a primer. 2 coats and sand in between each coating. Then I take some contact cement. Its the Loc-Tite brand contact cement and I bought it at Home Depot for a couple a bux. You put it on the lure sides and a little on the top and bottoms, then put some contact cement on the aluminum foil. Dont put the contact cement on the shiny side. You want to put the contact cement on the dull side. You let it sit for a good 15 minutes seperate from each other. ( Contact Cement works just like rubber cement, same principal. You put it on, you let it dry then you place it where it's supposed to go. And it aint moving! ) Then you put it on the lure. Once you place the foil on the lure and its in place, you can not move it or remove it. So make sure you got it lined up where you want it to go! Wrap it around the top and bottom of the lure. I then take an exacto knife and cut the hangover aluminum foil thats on the top and bottom of each piece of aluminum foil. Leave a little bit of the wood underneath showing on the top and bottom as a former poster mentioned, cause this will allow a better bond from your clear coat which will be in the next step after this. I then take a craftsman socket wrench. The handle of the socket wrench has an embossed texture and I roll it over the sides of the foil cemented onto the bait. Roll it over the top, the sides and the bottoms. That gives you a great embossed texture that resembles scales. Make sure you really burnish down the tops and bottoms where the foil wraps over, you need to flatten this as best as possible as it will affect your final finish and your paint. Also be careful cause the foil will tear, and you dont want that. I let that sit for a little bit to make sure its good dry and solid. Then I take some Devcon and put a good heavy coating over the entire lure. Let it dry overnight, then come back the next day, lightly sand the tops and bottoms, you will notice at this point if there are any areas that need to be taken off the tops and sides where you didnt flatten the foil down good. I very gingerly and lightly sand it as mentioned. Then paint with the appropriate colors. Add the 3D eyes, add the hardware then give it two good clear coats. And Done. Add hooks and call it a day! I currently have 2 lures on the dryer as we speak and I will post a picture of them tommorrow, but one is an aluminum foil lure. I did Ok for not making a bait in 6 months!
River City - Alamo Lures has an AWESOME tutorial, and that pretty much got my itch to try it and work with it!


Check it out!

#4 AlamOso



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Posted 24 December 2004 - 02:15 AM

Thanks Cody.

For some time I have prefered using Contact Cement By Loctite in lieu of super glue to bond the foil to the lure. it is much easier to work with (available at Walmart, Home Depot, etc.) I need to update that tutorial.

#5 BassNator 1

BassNator 1


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Posted 24 December 2004 - 08:49 AM

Yeah thats cool for the update AlamoSo, but I want you to know, that tutorial of yours is a killer and it illustrates and explains and makes it real easy for us all! Your Tutorial broke it down for me and kind of showed me how to do it.... so I did it! I almost went verbattum with what you said in the post. Actually after I wrote my post I remembered you had the tutorial, then I had to do the search to find it and get it out there. Trust me it helped me, so Im sure its gonna help others as well! Again its a kick butt post. Thanks Again and Happy Hoolidays to all! Cody

#6 jerkbaiter



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Posted 24 December 2004 - 10:41 AM

i myself also like the foil tape i get the scale effect by pulling the fine scale netting over the foil after its on the lure and taking the smooth edge of a hobby knife and rolling it over the foil i shoot my paint straight on the foil in really thin coats then i put my devcon on