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Foam ideas

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Here is an idea I have tried, and it works.

On foam baits if you would like to have a hollow

section inside, put a piece of styrofoam on your

through wire, after you pour your bait and the

foam is well cured, drill a hole from the top or

bottom of your bait and pour some Acetone

into the hole it will dissolve the styrofoam

and leave a hollow area inside your bait.

You may seal the hole with a piece of balsa

or wooden dowel.

You could use this as a rattle chamber, or

whatever you can think of. Maybe you

could leave it open and put some alka-seltzer

in for bubbles. Or possibily put another small hole

into it from the front and force water out the

top. Who knows, ues your imagination.


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Working with foam is just great....... Keep the imagination pushing and you will get great results.....

I?m doing something simillar...... First I started gluing a plastic straw filled with bbs onto the wire......

Now I?m actualy putting the straw inside de mold with one of it?s end facing the mold wall. This leaves me an open chamber so I can put bbs, add and position ballast or even leave it hollow to get more boyanci. For tests, just close the open end with tape....

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