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tenderizing sticko's

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I've been pouring soft-plastics for about two years now. Seems like some baits work better when the plastic formula is hard as oposed to soft. My best example is a sluggo. My best sluggo's are fairly hard and have more of a " glide " action than a " wiggle".

But sticko's are a different deal. Since most folks dead-stick these baits, the wiggle is the deal. But, the high salt ratio seems to make the baits stiff, killing the wiggle.

I don't know how or If I discovered this, but if I pinch, roll, or otherwise " tenderize " my sticko's, the wiggle-action is awesome ! Just grab a stick'o and pinch it a few times to realize how much softer it gets.

So, I guess I'm wondering if all you guys try to "tenderize" your stick-baits or not. Maybe I'm crazy, but it don't feel like it !


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That does work to make them more flexable. I roll and pull on the sticks I use, but don't do that to the ones I sell. You can get more flexability in your salted baits by using floured salt, instead of popcorn salt, or add more softener, but go easy on the softener with calhouns or they will become real messy in the hot sun.

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