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does anyone have a bluegill crankbait?

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Let's see if I can answer all the questions at once:

- Yes. I can make another one (or as many as y'all would like). :wink:

- The body is one piece, including the fins and tail and is carved from clear white pine. Since I make my lures with the intention of being fished, the fins are thick near the body and tapper to a finer edge.

- Betty Bugeater (and all of my lures) are primed, painted and then coated several times with Spar Urethane, which is very durable.

- I make all kinds of lures. Check out my website at Sorry, I should have posted the URL in my first post.

- Betty Bugeaters are priced at $24.95 plus postage. I prefer to use USPS Priority Mail, which is $3.85.

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