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I have a number of what appears to be stainless steel surgeon's bone chisels and gouges that were used by a doctor friend for sugery. When he got new tools, he asked me if I wanted some of his old stuff. Natually I jumped at them and became the proud owner of about 50 pieces of surgical tooling. There are many different hemostats, clamps, etc., which I know how to use for fishing and other great tools for making lures etc. I promised him not to perform any surgery with his old tools. I sold half the stuff to a veterinerian friend but held onto the really good things ( it think).

My question is, would the gouges and chisels make good tools for my lathe and how would I shape them? They are all one piece items including handle but much slimmer than wordworking tools and chisels. They appear to have been forged then ground (not plated) to a near mirror finish. I know this is to insure they can be sterilized easier and thoroughly.


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If they are 1 piece, I assume they do not have a wooden handle. That being the case they may be uncomfortanly hot to hold in your hand when turning wood. My gouges get so hot at times, the wood smokes.

Also they are probably too short to allow much leverage.

Thes comments are of course being made without ever seeing the tools so you will have to judge accordingly. Maybe give em a try.

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