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Pit Bass

Fav. color for clear-water sticks !

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I'm curious about everyone's best color sticks for LMB in clear water. My definition of clear water is being able to see your lure on the bottom in 8-12 ft of water, which is normal for the sandpits that I fish.

I'm guessing that subtle colors, like clear and natural preyfish are perferred.

Any thoughts ?

Pit Bass

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I'm going to try the above this spring in clear or stained water.

My take is that the lateral line will take care of tracking until

vision detects finesse sparkles.

The two bottom worms are the same, except one viewed at

90 degrees. Pour have the 2 or 1 part mold, sprinkle glitter

and pour the rest. Clear plastic of course. You can modify

by pouring clear plastic first and then clear with glitter or

grind some salt, put enough in clear to make it slightly milky,

pour half and then pour your choice of the other half.


Laminates are fun and I think have their place in stained water.

Recently I poured a lam of chart. with gold and black glitter

laminated to oxblood with black string, hex and red flake. Superb.


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I've always done well with plum and most of the clear to milky w/colored glitter. Red/blacks seem to work well on overcast days or low light conditions.

Although I gotta admit none of the store bought baits I use are as pretty as Senkosams, but thats why I am accumulating all the stuff I need to pour my own.


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We have a lake up here that you can see your lure on the bottom(on a good day) 15 to 18 feet. We use a lot of smoke, black, and green pumpkin. But the best results for me came from a bright mustard yellow with green and black glitter.

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Thanks Badfish. I'm certain your creations are just as good if not better.

Nova, your on to something and it gave me an idea - medium smoke with fine (.008) chartreuse, blue, red, yellow gold, silver or hologram glitter.

Another great effect is a lam: clear belly/ clear with holo or yellow gold (.008 or .015) in chartreuse plastic or better yet, swab some chartreuse Spike-It worm dye over the glitter side of the lam.

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