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MD Doug

Beginner with Air brush needs some advice

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MD Doug    0

My brother and I are planning on painting some baits and need some advice from you guys with some more experience. He was given an industrial air brush set that we plan on using. He used to create small displays and is very familiar with how to use the air brush but we?ve never painted any baits.

What type of paint do you recommend? I was planning on going to the local hobby shop to buy some decent paints but I?m curious what types of paints you all use and where you get them.

Can I paint over an existing color or should I sand it down with a fine sand paper? Or strip it with some other method?

Should I give the bait a base coat of flat white? If so can I just use a regular can of generic flat white and then come behind with a lacquer?

Any other tips are more than welcome. Thanks for any help you all can give me.


PS-I'm new here so if this has been covered somewhere else, can someone please direct me to the post or article. Thanks

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BassNator 1    0

Hey MD Doug, welcome to the board! You will see lots of help up in the TU Search button. Go up and type in Airbrush.... Lots of stuff will come up! This question has been covered and I will give you a quick response. But search and read the tons of questions already covered.

Paint reccommendations you will get various responses on that. I use Createx and the inexpensive paints from Wal-Mart. at .44 cents a bottle.. ( they just went up .11!) you cant beat the price and the color selections. The craft paint is thick and needs to be thinned down a little. I have no problems running Createx straight through the gun. But it is very easy clean up!

I have repainted baits and I sand down from a coarse to a fine. I try not to sand down to the wood though.. at least to the primer or to get the finish off. Then smooth it out with a real fine grade paper.

I personally use 2 coats of a flat white primer, lightly sand in between each coating, then paint over that. Then apply my finish.

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Mallard    1

Any other tips are more than welcome.

Also do a search for "top coat" or "epoxy", you will want to make sure your new paint job lasts longer than the factory's.

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