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Double split rings

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out2llunge    0

Hey Cheese, I do that on my salmon plugs, but I haven't really tried it on muskie stuff. I don't see why it wouldn't work, just be sure to use high quality split rings. The other thing you can try is silver solder on the joints of stainless rings.

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RiverMan    10

Yes we do that out here in Oregon on some Salmon Plugs. The other thing we do is use swivel chains, have you seen them? They are nothing more than a small chain that has a swivel on each end...I use them on all wiggle warts for salmon. Beyond that if you are worried about fish pulling loose try single siwash hooks instead of trebles.....get em with a siwash and they aren't coming off! I would show you some of my plugs but my scanner died yesterday!

From what I have read I'ts important that the back hook on your plugs is about 1/2 inch behind where the lure body ends. It's thought by having it here it will maximize the liklihood of a solid hook-up.........goes like this.

Imagine the fish taking the bait in his mouth. Once he realizes he's been had he will let the bait start sliding back out of his mouth. Once the bait leaves his mouth his mouth closes down at the tail of the bait and Wham!!! The hooks hit him!!

I actually conducted an experiment on my ex-wife to prove this works and indeed it worked great, got her every single time!


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