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rookie question-foam vs. wood

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finlander    1

Seems there is some talk here bout using the foam. Wood has diferent densities from one end to the other, and really is not noticable for the average Joe. Especially large muskie lures like I've been trying to make. Alot of 12" bodies with lips and weights epoxied in place all over the wood shop. None run right. Does the foam end the problems that wood has? the Legend Plow is a foam muskie bait. Very hard lure. Where do you get this expanding stuff? Same as the foam at Home Depot? How well does it take the epoxies? Weights? Thanks, the Rookie.

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Coley    8

Go to the how to section and read Huskies tutorial

on bondo molds and foam baits.

And yes, foam is same density from end to end, as

far as I can tell.


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