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Skirt Glittering

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Maybe this is in the wrong forum, I feel it belongs in plastics, but I'm going to give this a shot here, since skirts are an issue aswell.

I'm making and selling a few jigs that I pour myself, and have been going over costs recently. I'm spending some cash on Living rubber skirting material, that is actually no different from the regular flat color stuff except for the glitter, and price of course. I can save some money if I purchased glitter and glue, and the plain skirts, and glittered them up myself before cutting them. Has anyone tried this with success, I'm looking for a spray aerosol type adhesive that is water resistant, that will hold the glitter about as well as the living rubber does (lot falls onto your hand anyways), but not so adhesive that it makes the skirting material brittle or cakey (?). It should be clear on, and clear when dry as well. I found some extremely fine glitter at michael's a craft store here in Missouri, but don't want to experiment with my money first, would rather have a good direction to go in before buying adhesive that won't get used if it's worthless for the purpose. I was thinking of a good liquid adhesive, even thought about head cement, a teaspoon in a plastic bag with the skirt, and the glitter, a few good shakes, and maybe it would work.


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