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After Devcon

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What can I do to devcon once it has cured?

I wanted to try a modification on one of my swimbaits. If I were to drill a hole through the devcon, would it ruin it? Will it cause stress cracks?

And when fine sanding an area to add more devcon or do a touch up, what is the minimum grit to use so I don't distort or scratch the existing devcon?

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I've drilled Devcon plenty and I've never stress-cracked it by merely drilling through it, only by (duh) trying to force a screw eye through a too-small hole; even then the cracks were maybe 1/32 inch long.

If you are going to recoat Devcon it won't matter if you scratch it; the 1st coat scratches will disappear when you lay on a 2nd coat. The amount of coating I want to remove determines what grit paper I use. And if you want to merely add a second coat of devcon, simply give it a quick wipe with a little alcohol to remove any finger grunge etc, and you're ready to go.

I sometimes saw through devcon on balsa lures cutting lip slots, without a problem. Except for doing this, all the above applies to E-tex also.


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