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A question about Kilz 2 primer

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Hey everyone,

I have been lurking on this site for about a month or two now, and posted on a couple of hard bait photos, but now I actually have the courage to post on the main forums.

I was reading the "Need advice on the proper primer seclection" forum topic, and have switched over to Kilz 2 Latex Primer after reading the posts on that topic. My questions is this; do I need to sand between coats of the primer, or just after I am done with the final coat? (I'm currently dipping my balsa lures twice in a thinned down Kilz 2/water mix.)



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I always hit mine with a fine foam sanding pad between primer coats...I use the thin gray ones from Wal-world that say Fine/150 on the back; they feel equivilant to 400 regular sandpaper. Their non-creasing flexibility makes them ideal for lure contours.


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