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Trial Run with SenkoSam's Sugar Crystals

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Got a sample of Frank's "Sugar" and poured some test baits last night. My initial testing went well. I like these crystals alot as it demonstrated:

a) the ballast to sink the stick bait just like salt

B) alleviated the cloud issues of normal salted sticks

c) maintained color integrity and consistency

d) smooth pouring--required minimial stirring

e) bait "texture" was outstanding--produced a nice soft and supple bait

He may be on to something. With the ice/snow/cold I did not have a chance to do any extensive comparitive testing on the water today. I want to do just that before totally abondoning regular salt for my stick baits but this first batch really "wowed" me.

I still added some salt to the test runs in combination with the Sugar but in a ratio of 75% sugar and 25% salt. I like the salt for flavoring as shop owners tend to "taste" a stick bait to guage its worthiness and comparison to the national brand.

So far so good. I have to commend Frank for his tenacity in exercising due diligence in his quest for a sinking agent for stick baits. I hope he can add some thoughts to my post to provide the board with more information about this producr as I think it will be a good one.

Any one else tried this stuff? Thoughts?

Take care,


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So where did you get this stuff?

I have been looking for a better sinking additive for a long time. If it works as good as you say it does I would love to try it.

Did you weigh a salt bait and one of these baits of the same type to see if they are the same? PLease tell us more.

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Weight is comparable to a salted lure and the same difference (approx. .1 oz.) between it and an unsalted lure.

Thanks Shmang for testing this for me and reporting your results. I'm beginning to think that the Stik-O by Bass Pro uses the same stuff because some light also passes through their baits and yet are salted.

They don't fall as fast as a Senko, but are soft and light colors show up better, especially in their laminates.

The clear flakes come in different sizes from .008 - .090, but I only carry .015 for Lee Pot pouring, as salt tends to clog the spout and settle, giving a unbalenced salt weighting, even when stirred.

The milk white appearance in clear plastic isn't bad when you don't want the bright opaque quality of white dye. (The belly's of fish are usually pearl or off white anyway.)

Thanks again for posting your results. There are 5 others who've gotten samples and I hope also give us their findings.

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bass4cache, the flakes are clear, but when grouped together, look like sugar. When put in clear plastic, you can't see the individual flakes and the color is that of sugar - an off white. The baits feel no different than straight plastisol lures.

I didn't want to call it white glitter since it would be inaccurate and maybe confusing.

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So where can we get some of this "crystal weight" or sugar? What is it's real name? I would like to try it out to see if I could maybe use it in my baits. Senko Sam have you ever tried useing it and a lower quanity of salt to have the best of both maybe?

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Frank I got mine (and all the pretty colors of glitter. Thanx) in the mail the other day but have not been able to do anything with them yet.

I got some kind of stomach bug from my kids 8O and having to run back and forth from the garage aint my cup a tea :rolleyes: although my pouring mask might come in handy :lol:

Fool SenkoSam has the opaque flake in stock along with a ton of other colors.


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Fish_N_Fool, floured salt is still the best way to go and it's white merges with the crystal white. It's possible that crystal salt may suspend a little better with cystal flakes, but I haven't tried it yet.

Keeping a bait soft is the primary goal and adding salt for weight requires much more softener to keep it soft.

It's priced the same as regular colors and small gold holo.

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I just received my clear flakes from Senkosam. I will be

making some pours in the next couple of weeks. I have one

particular bait I can't wait to pour with them. If it all goes

well, I think I'll have a dandy weapon for the upcoming

K.M.M.B.T. season. Thanks for the advice on approximate

measurements Senkosam. Fish-n-fool....link to Senkosam's

website and you'll be in business :lol:

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