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lip questions

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First one: Any thoughts on making the lip cut on a round bait. Should I be doing this before I do the other cuts? Problem, I think, is if I do this, I won't be able to keep the bait together to make all four of the other cuts. But if I do it after rough cutting the bait on the band saw, how can I make sure I make a uniform, straight cut all the time?

Second one: Any thoughts on putting a small screw eye in a lip rather than using a wire tie. This would seem a lot easier, though I suppose it could come out, especially with thinner Lexan.

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You need to cut the lip slot while the bait is still flat.

Cut the outline of your bait, then cut the slot.

Lexan, unless it is very thick, will not hold an eyescrew, and I am

not sure it would even if it was.


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