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Where to get supplies...and various things?

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I just posted in the soft plastics forums something to the same effect. I hate to be a pain, but I'm in need of some help and suggestions. If this has been covered before I apologize,maybe someone can direct me to previous posts.

I have suffered from a back injury and have surgery on the 25th. In my recovery time I have decided I want to get into lure crafting. I don't want it to be a business but a hobby...If it goes past that in due time then so be it.

I have sent off for a Jann's NetCraft catalog, I also get the LureCraft catalog.

I have a variety of woodworking tools amased in my garage, I don't currently have a lathe though.

I also have 2 airbrushes and a silentaire compressor,thinking about getting an Iwata just to see what the hype's all about.(I used to build models as a hobby)

I was wondering where you get wood stock either Tupelo,Balsa or others for crankbait bodies.

What types of paints can you use for crankbaits both wood and plastic? I used to build models and I have a whole lineup of Tamiya and Testors Acrylics....yet I don't know what kind of clearcoat to use over these for the lure application.

I realize becuase I don't have a business and resale license I might be paying a bit more than some of you. But if you have any sources for wood/plastic/parts and don't mind sharing them with me it would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to step on any toes here though and I know from some of the posts I read that some of you do this as a business...I'm just looking at doing it as a hobby.

Also....I couldn't find a specific forum, so I'll ask here as I did in the softbait forum.

Where do I get lead? Friend of mine mentioned tire weights from a tire store but wouldn't those contain impurities that would have to be dealt with or that could ruin a mold? I would just rather buy lead than to walk in somewhere and ask for something, so if you know where I can buy lead ingots or lead for remelting and molding (sinkers) please let me know.

Thanks for your time and help!

If I'm not making much sense it's the pain meds and I'm not thinkin so swift! LOL :oops:

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Try using the TU Search feature ? it will probably answer all your questions and then some.

Hope everything goes well with your surgery.

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Best place for soft lead is a plumbing supply place. They'll sometimes refer to it as "lead chaulking". Usually find it in 5# ingots.


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Hi there, Waterwerx!

I would like to recommend another source of supplies that you might or might not have heard of yet. Please check out

Like the other places you mentioned, you can request a catalog from that site. Other good things about what they carry is that Stamina carries some already crafted lure blanks for crankbaits, poppers, rattle-traps and propeller baits. This would be a great way to start as a novice.

Stamina also sells lead, lead melting devoces, lure hardware and just about anything else you would use to make lures.

As for paints, many here use a wide variety of paints. I use waterbased acrylic paints that you can buy at any craft store or WalMart. These places also carry enamel based acrylics but the water based type are good to use to start and I have had decent results on both wood and plastic lures.

Another member of this site, Mallard, recommended these paints. I regret that I can't recall the name brands (I think there are 2 different brands) but they will both say on the label, "Clean with Soap and Warm Water." I am sure others will chime in with regard to paint, especially those who use airbrushes. I am probably one of a handful that still paints without an airbrush! :D

Anyway, good luck and hope your surgery goes well! I have learned a lot from TU and I know you will too. Don't forget to check out the awesome tutorials here. The folks here are great teachers.

BTW, you wouldn't happen to use this same name at another fishing forum? :wink:

--IslandBass aka Alex

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