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Thanks Lincoya! and everyone on the site

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This site is great! I had the opportunity to meet Lincoya last week and the guy is awesome. I am new to the site and trying to learn all that I can. The site has been very informative and the people on it are great.

Having people who are willing to help you is wonderful. This day in time, you don?t find this to often. I meet Lincoya (Gene) on this site. We have spoken a few times on the phone and I had the opportunity to meet him. He walked me though the process of carving wood baits and I must say I am addicted to it. He ruff-cut the baits and provided me with extra wood to try and carve some for myself. On top of doing this, I was amazed by one of his baits he had carved and he gave it to me. After being up all day, he was willing to teach me. We carved baits out until after 10 that night.

This says a lot about the people on this site and the character of the people. I would like to thank all of you for you willingness to help other new comers (like myself) learn the art of hand crafting baits.

Thanks Lincoya for your kindness and willingness to teach others. I would also like to thank everyone else on the site. You all create wonderful baits and provide great information.

Thank You,


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It was a pleasure meeting you in person. Although we had already talked on the phone, it's not like talking in person.

I have had a lot of help from people at TU and at another site(long since gone). I believe that it is only right to pass that help along. Besides, if you haven't guessed by now, I love to talk, especially about lures.

I agree with you. The people at TU are great people. I have been here almost since it's birth and I have never seen anyone post a bad message about someone else.

Understand that if I can help you, don't hesitate to ask.

I look forward to when your wife comes to visit her parents here and you and I can get together and talk lures again.


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Gene, is a great guy. The first time I met him was at his home in

Smyrna. Charlie Mitchell and I payed him a visit. I wanted to learn

how to foil a bait and Charlie wanted to learn about carving.

When we got there Gene had made, thats correct, made both

of us a carving knife, a sheath to keep it in and a strop to keep

it sharp. He can use a bandsaw and a carving knife to whip out a bait

in just a few minutes.

He also is a wood carver, and carves civil war busts. Believe me

they are fantastic. And in his spare time, he hunt's arrowheads.

And he has a full time job.

Those of you that can, make to the TN TUG in May, and you will

have a chance to meet him.

He also showed us how to foil a bait and that cost him dearly, but that's

another story.

Here is his website:

And there is a good article on there about crankbait lips.

Thanks Gene,


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I don't know what you're wanting from me but whatever it is, it's yours.

Really, I am truely taken with your faith in my talent. Thanks for taking the time to post your compliments.

For those of you that have made friends through this site and haven't had the opportunity to meet them in person, you owe it to yourself to do so. I have made two good friends so far through TU. Those two being Coley and Charlie Mitchell. I expect that my meetings with Bill Loflin ("basbaits") will continue and our friendship will build. I look forward to meeting more of you in the future.

Thanks again Coley.


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I agree with Coley on Gene's work. I have seen pictures of some of the faces he has carved and they are great. I do plan on going to Gene's house and take a look at them in person.

Gene, I agree with you on building friendships. The past few months have been hard, and finding someone to teach me about something I have always had a passion and desire to learn is a great feeling.

I hope to come up soon and take a look at your work. You?re a great person and an awesome carver. If I could learn a 10th of what you know about carving, I will be doing well! I am just glad to have to opportunity to meet you in person. Words can?t express my gratitude.



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