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TBait to beat the horse again......

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I have had an Iwata Eclipse CS Gravity feed for a month and havent used it. Last night I broke it out.....all I can say is what a difference. It is like using a precision instrument. The thing atomizes the paint mixture 2-3 as good as the Paasche Vls. I didnt even get a clog.... I was using Auto Air for 2 hours straight and didnt even have to pick at the needle. The air compressor ran less and I used alot less paint, believe it or not. These are worth extra money that you have to pay....night and day difference in the 2 units..Wow! :lol:

Oh yea, I started at 40 psi and soon discovered that I could take the thing way lower...all the way down to 25 psi and still had great atomization...

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