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Good Times With Dad

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For those of us who were,and are, fortunate enough to have had a Father or even a Father Figure to take the time to do things with us,what are your fondest memory's.

Here are a couple of mine

At around age 4 Dad started taking me along on his fishing trips.It seemed that every Saturday we would leave before daylight.We would go to a local community lake called Lake Well Brook.We didn't have a boat so we would borrow the caretaker of the property's 10 ft John Boat.He was a man named Roy Miller and was good friends with my Dad. I can remember it like yesturday pulling up to Roy's house and helping my Dad slide that boat in the truck.We also had to borrow the paddle LOL.

It seemed like we made countless trips to Lake Wellbrook and I wondered would I ever catch a "Big Mouse Bass"(thats what dad said I called them)

Finally I caught me a "Big Mouse".Odly enough I was not emparting any action to the jelly worm as Dad had taught me.No,I was standing up in the boat taking care of giving the lake a little more water.A remember that like it was yesturday as well.

I remember Dad and I went to"BIG G" discount store in Athens one afternoon, and Dad purchased us a brand new 12 foot John Boat.Complete with Johnson electric trolling motor ,anchor,seats,and a couple of Coleman lanturns. I think the boat cost $40.00.It was 1969 but I remember that day as if it were 10 minutes ago.This was probably the happiest and most memorable day of my childhood.

Since that day there have been at least a thousand fishing trips wev'e taken in that boat and at least 5 picture albums full of memory's.

Now I fish from a $40,000 fully loaded Ranger. My Dad has never really had much use for it.He say's "Boy!!!! your'e running past all the fish when you hammer down the lake at 70 mph" and I dont want no part of it!!!

Looking back now I realize that I had much more fun in that John Boat.I still have that old Gibson John Boat and the trolling motor. The boat is as good as new.I would sell my Ranger tomorrow and never bat an eye,but there will never enough money to buy that John Boat.My memory's are not for sale.

A couple weeks ago Dad and I were discussing when we would take our first spring fishing trip for the year.Arguing over what farm pond we wanted to hit first and whether I could fit a trip in between my tournament schedule and other business.

He is currently fighting for his life in the hospital.If any of you believe in a greater power above,please pray for him. Blades

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Wonderful story! Everyone who reads your post can relate. Yes, there is a Higher Power! And I'm sure he has a special fondness for fishermen. Especially for fathers who took the time to take their sons, (and daughters) fishin'. My family will pray for your father. Besides, he still hasn't caught his biggest bass yet.


Make a fishin' pact - don't ever stop!

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