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1st time painting crankbait

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Thanks to those who reply,

just starting out repainting some of my crankbaits. questions regarding:

1. sealing wooden lures.

2. sealing plastic lures.

3. is the order seal, prime, paint, epoxy.

4. regarding primers; any primer for wood , plastic primer (ie. krylon) for plastic lures.

5. i'm planning on using a iwata hp-c airbrush, crystal sheen epoxy, paint; either wildlife airbrush or createx. Suggestions.

i plan to repaint some rapala super shad raps ssr14, rapala shad rap sr9, and bomber maganum 17a.

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Just go to TU Search, Search Forums, hardbaits and ask away. Leave the resat of the week free as you'll need it to read all that's there! :wink:

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