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How do you use 2 or 3 colors of powder paint

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Dip the jig in the first color, while still hot, dip a small paint brush in the second color and slap it on the jig. Takes a little practice, but not too hard once you get the hang of it.


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Striperchaser check out;

The jig has four different powder paint colors ? pearl white undercoat, blue glitter top, red glitter bottom, and a clear over coat.

Remember that you are building up coats of paint so you have to be careful and watch your cure temp (especially if you are mixing different brands of powder paint). Too hot ? everything runs.

Artist brushes work well ? the large camel hair is better. Some members have a preference for the make up brushes ? haven?t tried it yet but it sounds like it would be worth the investment.

Load the brush with paint, hold an inch or two over a heated jig and tap the brush so the paint falls over the jig.

You might consider a hot air gun ? with a stand and miniature vice grips, makes the process of painting a lot easier.

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