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How do you attach your lips???

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Hi fellas,

in an effort to produce the perfect lure :idea: I'm always interested in how other people go about their business.

over the years I've used two basic methods of attaching my lip (we call them bibs over here B) ) the first is as simple as drilling three 5mm holes into the bib area that is epoxied and slipped into the jaw cavity of my lures, I then get a 1.5mm drill and sink a hole through the bottom jaw up and into the top jaw were I epoxy a small S/steel pin this stops the bib from pulling out.

The other way , which I use a lot more due to its better design is by cutting a 1.5mm groove into and along the lower jaw of my lures with my Dremal.

I then have a some 1.6 MiG s/steel that is formed up to create the forward treble point and the lures pull point, this slips into the cavity ,along the lower bib, this is then epoxied into place.

The 1.6 wire form extends outward from the lure where it pops through the bib to create the tow point for the lure( I'll go into more detail later how to do this once I work out how to put it into the tutorials forum/ section), which makes a great place to hold on to when painting the lure etc..

I've found that since I've use this method, I have even a greater amount of confidence in my lures and the overall strenght this type of connection makes. so how do you secure your bib's (lips) into your lures, and what do you use to do it?


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I always cut a notch into the lip to give the epoxy a "step". For repairing lures' date=' see


If you do not coat the entire lip with epoxy, be sure to at least sand the area that will be glued into the lure body. This will help it bond more effectively.

What he said, plus I drill a couple of small holes so the epoxy can bond to both sides of the lure, as well as to the lip and lure.

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