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I apologize for any redundancy concerning this subject. To the point - Does anybody have any info on constructing a drying rack or wheel? I have a small rotisserie motor. I am making Musky lures 5-8 inches (using screw - eyes). And how do I attach the lures to the rack/wheel? Thank you!

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cut plywood into 12" round circles. spread apart at 12" using wood dowels. before attaching dowels put both circles mark every 3" then put screw eyes inside circles about 1/2'' down from mark on both sides. now put a spring on both sides .now put it all together and put it on the rotossie. you will have to drills holes for the to forks that attach to rotissie. i have beeen using this rack for a long time on swimmers and works great. good luck

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Hello, HHEELLP....I need some info in a drying system, how to everything..I have read post after post until my eyes are burning.

I am painting with createx, using a Badger 150 airbrush. I have been able to get the colors/finish I desire. I have learned more than I can retain in the last few days.. The drying system is what I need more than anything.

Is this airbrush ok? Does anyone spray ultra-fine glitter through their brush?.. what is the best way to apply glitter?

I know.. too many questions in one post... sorry...



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