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Making Castaic Style Heads with expanding foam?

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sloegoe    0

I've made many attempts at Castaic style heads using RTV molds(bluegill,trout,ect.) but Ive always poured them using resins and soft plastic. Castaic uses some kind of foam. Any Ideas on a brand or type of foam? This should be an easy one for you hard bait pros.

-Hey, to all you purists, I make 99% of all my baits from scratch, but with the way the companies are these days, like castaic discontinuing the Bluegill I would like to make a few heads to use up the remaining of my soft bodies. Thanks sloegoe.

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Art Brush    0

Hey sloegoe,

I'm not sure what they used but it probably wasn't featherlite as it wasn't available up untill a few years ago and Castaic debuted in '98.

My guess is they used a gelcoat in the molds before casting the foam. My theory on this approach is based on the pinhole factor.

Both foam or f-lite castings have small pinholes in the surface of the lures regardless of powder used. The guys here have been using Tally's plasti-dip to seal their foam lures.

With f-lite I don't get alot of pinholes and they usually seal with 2 or 3 light coats of base primer with sanding between coats.

If we could see a cross section of a castaic, one of us here could probably id the foam used.

Post pics of your lures buddy. We'd love to see them :D

Tight Lines,


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