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Airbrush is Driving me Crazy

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Ok,I pretty much thought I had the airbrush troubleshooting figured out but I got one I need help with.


I use Iwata and Badger both

I have Badger 150's and they have always been dependable

I am aware of the proper care and maint.

Been using Iwata and Badger for at least 12 years


One of my Badger 150,s is driving me crazy.It is spitting and sputtering the paint and even pure laquer thinner

If I remove the tip and needle and place in the other 150,it will not spit or sputter

The problem does not move when I place components in the other gun

I have:

Soaked the gun and all parts in biodegradable solvent

Blown out (with air) the gun while it was stripped down

Cleaned out all the ports and the tubes

The thing is squecky(sp) clean

The problem still exists

I think something is causing the vortex suction to be interupted.It is the only explaination for the intermitant spraying.I know someone out here has to of had this problem.It cant be the tip and needle if i move them to another 150 and they work fine.Any sudjestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks B&B

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I would go to and post this question... These guys really know their brushes...some manufactures reps on there as well.

The threads that the head of the brush screw onto....could be leaking...they recommend beeswax for these to form a tight seal, kinda like teflon tape...but dont use teflon tape. Not real familiar with badgers.

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I'm thinking its a seal issue also, (internal threads??) sounds similar to when the plastic O washer is removed and you attmept to paint...still shoots but spits intermittently. Try out a new head assembly in the unit thats causing the problems and see what happens.

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Check the tip / nozzle with a magnifying glass. I've had that problem before and found a hairline crack right where the needle comes out of the nozzle.


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Thanks guys. The bee's wax did it lol. I used some of my daughter's wax sticks she has for her braces.Worked like a dream.

I learned a couple things in the process. Probably not important but I will share anyway.

It is not unusual for me to paint as many as 25 to 30 baits at a given time so my brushes see alot of paint .I have found that the detergent called "Simple Green"undiluted is wonderfull.As far as I can tell it will not harm the brush parts and if you put some in a tupperware container and soak the gun in it . It will get the thing so clean it is unbelievable.

This stuff gets down into the cracks and really dissolves things. Kind of looks like alca seltzer working lol.The biggest thing for me is when i finish for the day i always run lacquer thinner through the brush.

When i pick it back up the next day the brush is mechanically dry and stiff for a couple minutes till all the parts get wet again from thinner and paint.

Now i put the simple green in a siphon bottle and the last thing i do after flushing my gun's is to spray a little simple green thru the gun.It seems to keep the gun lubed and ready for tommorrow lol.Then when I start back the next day i just spray a little thinner thru the gun and whammo! ready to go and squeaky clean lol. No build up.

Again thank you guys. New I could get the answer here.God Bless B&B

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