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Have any of you foam

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Have any of you foam lure makers ever tried putting foil in the molds before pouring the foam?

Thought being, a foiled bait bonded right in with the foam?

Might be an idea worth trying or forgetting about. :)

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Well, Terry, I did think about it at one time.

But, the way I pour a foam bait it would really

be tough to do.

I only pour half of the mold, then place the other

half over the first and clamp. I then rotate the

mold 360 deg. in end over end and side over

side movements. I just can't see the foil hanging

in there. Unless you can cover the entire mold

in foil, which may be possible.


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A lil off topic but....

I do remeber that if your casting featherlight or similar urethane plastic in an RTV silicone mold, you can spray the mold halves with primer before casting & the urethane body will come out of the mold pre-primed.

You'll probably still want to clean up the body before painting to remove any residual silicone oils.

I thin the foil idea could work, with enough trial & error, shoot, with enough extra flashing, you might not even need a mold release on the bondo & putty molds you guys been havin success with.

if anyone tries it, keep us posted.

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