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I use 5 min Devcon epoxy or the 2 Ton Devcon epoxy, which has a longer working and curing time. Some drill a couple of small holes in the bill to form a "key" of epoxy to lock in the bill better, or they sand both sides of the bill to promote better adhesion. I usually sand mine. You can use the 2 Ton to clearcoat the bait after you paint it but the 5 Min Devcon cures too fast and won't level. Wood baits will swell and pop the finish off if water seeps in. Devcon comes in a double syringe at Walmart. The 2 Ton is a little stronger but either works fine to glue in bills. Don't try to clearcoat with 5 min Devcon as it cures too fast and doesn't level out like the 2 Ton.

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