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Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. I looked over the forum and it looks great. Unfortunately, my gold panning time is limited. I like to think of sifting through posts and conversations for people to help like panning for gold, always looking for that tell tale glitter that says I can help. I do some of it on another forum, but I also try to put together how-tos and things for the Iwata website here. And of course I talk on the phone with people who need help. I'm saying all of this to say that I probably won't be following what's happening here.

If you guys need me you can PM me (I'm 90% sure I turned on the automatic notification) preferably with a link to the post you'd like me to have a look at so that I can give an answer to as many people as possible.

My email address is public so feel free to give it out to people you think need help with their Iwatas--or you can send me a link to a post.

I can also be reached by phone at 503.253.7308 Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm Pacific Standard Time

Also, just to let everyone know. I won't be giving out opinions on which airbrush to buy, which airbrush is better, and I'll never tell you to buy Iwata. I've been on to many forums for my own hobbies where a company rep came on board and did nothing but sell, sell, sell, rant, rant, rant. I hated it when they did it on my forums and I will not become what I hate on your forum.

Sorry for the long introductory post--I do seem to be rather long winded in my posts, but hopefully it's useful hot air :D [/url]

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