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As somewhat of a response to Lapala's Lure Shape Variations post, I submit for your approval my new Walleye-shaped Lure. Sorry, but there's something about fish-shaped lures that I find very appealing.

The wooden body is about 5 1/2 " long and made from clear white pine. The front section is hollow and there's a couple BB's in the chamber. I coated the chamber with epoxy for water proofing and to make a harder surface for the BB's to strike.

The beak is hand formed from 1/8" Lexan. It's somewhat of an art to get it hot enough to bend while avoiding having it bubble. Trying something new (for me), which is sharpening the leading edge of the beak.

The eyes were made by drilling an eye socket with a brad point bit. Then painted with glow in the dark paint. The cavity is over-filled with epoxy.

The hooks are size 1/0.

The walleye paint pattern is applied with a brush and a "wet on wet" technique. The clear coat is epoxy.


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