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big fish lures

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BobP    834

I use epoxy on all hangers and line ties. It keeps them straight and makes them hold better. Second, it prevents water infiltrating in around the screw and causing the bait to swell, popping off the finish and eventually cracking the bait. I'd think it would be even more important on a pike or musky lure.

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Spinner    0

My experience tells me to always use something to cement in the screw eye. Several reasons for this:

1. Seals the wood from water. Yes, you'll seal the bait when complete but this gives you twice the security.

2. Keeps the screw eye from twisting. When big fish roll you do not want the screw eye to roll with them. Let the swivel do that.

3. I do not use standard wood glues. It takes little pressure to snap them loose and allow them to twist. I use gorrilla glue or epoxy, both do what I need them to do.


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