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Fuel Gauge and Sender Problem

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I am having trouble getting a new Tempo electric fuel sender and gauge kit to read properly on my boat. This is the second kit I have tried to install on my 22 foot Grady White and I am somewhat perplexed. To start with let me say that I am proficient with all the tools required for this installation plus a few testing tools not normally required.

Here is the problem: Afte the sending unit has been set up per instructions provided, the unit will not read empty, everything in between and full. It will only real full to 1/2 or a little more. I have tested this unit and the previous one out of the gas tank. All connecdtions are secure and I know I have a good ground. The first unit did read a full range for a brief while, but would not function in the tank. It finally gave up and quit completely. I returned it for this one, and now I can't get it to read properly out of the tank. I have replaced units in airplanes and did not have this kind of a problem. Is it the Tempo unit or me?

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Ive used them on some boats that I have fixed here in az( yeah one of my other jobs a boat mechanic)

I am guessing your may be hitting something in your tank??

take the unit out and hold it, then move the pendulim by hand, if it doesnt work I would check your guage, if it does work than you are hitting something in the tank.

To make sure your ground is working properly run a jumper direct from the battery ground to the ground on the sending unit.

Also check the sending unit wire to make sure its not loose on the back of the guage. same goes for ground on back of the guage.

you can also check to see if it works while out of the tank with an ohm meter. you should get differen readings when the pendulim is moved.


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