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weighting cranks?

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i have about 10 cranks carved out.they are all different shapes and sizes.what is the easiest way to figure out how much weight they will need?i was thinking of adding all the hardware.and then hanging weights off the front hook until it sites in the water about 3/4th's under the surface.these are my first crankbaits.any ideas how far under the water it should sit.and if this is a good way to figure out how much weight to add.thanks guys :) these are some of them. th_1020.jpg

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BB...have the wood sealed. Add your hardware. Use some masking tape

folded over so it sticks on both sides and stick the tape to the belly.

Now you can try different weights in different positions to get the

effects you wish. I did a suspender in my sink today and ended up

with 2 diff. bullet wgts in 2 positions. You'll want to work quickly as

the tape will not hold forever...but long enough.

Another tip...write down the drill bit size you are using for diff. size wgts

-this will save you time in the future. good luck

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