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applying etex

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i just bought a kit of etex lite and this is the first time i am using it, let alone any top coat. how do i apply this stuff to a 9 inch balsa wood muskie bait? i see you have to mix it really good and do i pour it on or brush it or what? and how to i keep it so theres an even coat? i know there is a 5 page post on clear coat right now but i dont want to go through all 5 pages of you guys arguing to find something. any info will help. thanks

steve s.

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To apply the e-tex you brush it on with a disposable brush. I use flux brushes for mine. To keep an even coat with out any sags you need a drying wheel. see the how to section for some ideas

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Steve, cheesehead is right: you'll need a drying wheel. Also be sure to mix

in even amounts...for your first attempt at this size bait I would mix

3ml of'll have left over but you don't want to run out.

Don't use wood to stir...use a plastic stick of some sort...the wood

puts too many bubbles in the mix.

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After a minute or two after applying, you may see bubbles in the surface of the epoxy. Carbon dioxide will release these bubbles. I use to breathe on the lures. You can keep brushing the coat too. Now I use a propane torch to release them and also to help speed the set time of the epoxy. The stuff isn't flammable. I also use a rotissiere motor that turns a rack, that holds one lure. You want to turn your lure end over end. Good luck.

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Hey Steve I am a FRV member also . Trying to make gliders myself. There is a guy on here goes by Richoc I believe. He is known as the etex Devil. You can PM him through your message inbox. He knows more about etex then the people who make it as far as I am concerned. He will probably tell you much the same as these guys have, but with a little twist! Maybe I'll see on the water sometime!

Good Luck,

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Forgot to say that a torch isn't the only thing you can use to set it. I used a lighter the other day. I don't remember why. But you can heat this stuff TOO LONG and then the stuff really runs, even if its spinning on a rack. Doesn't need much heat to expel those nasty bubbles.

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