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What is tissue paper?

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Hi Tacklemakers from the underground!

It is great to find this site! I'm from Colombia, South America. An obsessive fisher, fly tyer and lure maker.

Until today, I haven't find any place on the Web like this one who talks clearly about lure-building, I'm astounded! Great creations of all of you, really nice tutorials, and good posts on the forum.

As I'm a little far from Wallmart, I don't know what is a "Gift Tissue" that is used by Husky in his Photo Finishing Tutorial. I'm sure I can find it here, but with another name.

How is it? What can be similar?

I'll appreciate your thoughts.



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Have you ever seen women at a baby shower? Instead of wrapping a gift in a box, it is now common to give a little decorative bag that contains the gift.

Gift tissue is creatively "stuffed" into the top of the bag to hide the present. Back home we used to call it crepe (spelling?) paper.

This may, in fact, have been invented by a man who could never figure out how to wrap a present.


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