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Lips, does size matter?

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Take a look at the websites for the Flatshad and the D-bait, both of which are flat sided bass crankbaits that are very popular among tournament anglers. The Flatshad has a medium small circuitboard bill that gives it a tight wiggle and good rebound off of cover. The D-bait has a rounded Lexan bill that protects the front treble and allows the crank to swim through cover very well. The PT Flatshad is 3/8" wide, weighs in at about .30 oz and has a fan shaped bill set at 20 deg, with 18mm exposed length and max width of 19mm. I don't have data on the D-bait but have tried that bill desin on some cranks. It had more thump and a wider wiggle than the Flatshad. Buying specimens of each to see how they perform (and why) is a good idea before you settle on your own design. I've done variants of both and was very happy with the performance compared to shallow crankbaits sold by larger manufacturers.

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