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lip slot

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FiR3 TiG3R    0

hi guys,

hmmm... i was wondering about the placement of the lip slot for a floating minnow, sort of like the original rapala minnow. as i am trying to preserve the detailing of the head, i was thinking of moving the lip slot backwards to be just right behind the gills. a friend of mine wanted the head whole and not being interrupted by the lip slot. how would that affect the lure? thanx a heap...

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savacs    0

U could mold it! Or u could use a 1-1,5mm drill, and drill in front of of the lure depending on where he wants the lip, or depending on what action he said he wanted. Drill in front of the lure. Be carefull on the angle! Any way u can make the hole larged whenever u want so u can adjust the lip however u want it.

So u drill on one side(under) of the line tie, then simetricaly on the other, and then remove the excess between, so u have a paralelipipedical hole in the front.

U cut the lip as u want it, and leave a little extra towards the end that shoult go in the lure. Narrow the extra material, and drill a hole in it so it'll deffenety stay in there. Epoxy the lip, then put epoxy in the hole u drilled, and u know what comes next, and it's done. It ayn't as exact as when u have made the template for the lure with the place where the lip should go in, and then cut exactly where u should, but u can get very close with this as well.

I made 3 lures wobble exactly the same, so it ayn't a big deal, and u deffenetly wont get lateral dammage on ur lure.

P.S. I use 2-3mm policarbonate............ And if u'r interested i can always help u with some pics next week or so.....

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