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Kelly is in the process of building a new web site, plus coming out with a whole new line of Mimic Balsa Baits, while also trying to fill orders. The best way to get get ahold of him is to call him at the shop, the numbers on the web site. He said that he was getting ready to drop the bottom out of the prices on all wood bodies. He said that he found a better wood source. Also coming out with through wired baits for Musky or Pike. Keep checking the web site for new updates.


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I quit doing business there because of the lack of communication. I check and answer my email several times a day, my business depends on it.

When I contact a supplier I expect a reply at least the next day...not 4-5 days later.

I wanted to order around 80 ballast weights and ended up having to go to BP and ordering Finesse weights to make my own.

To me, filling orders is so much more important than building a web site or a new line of lures...take care of your customers first, and everything else will fall into place as time premits. :)

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