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I don't seem to be able to get very good detail when I post pics. Also, I often have to crop and shape the pictures to get them down to an acceptable pixel size. Any advice would be appreciated.

I am shooting with a Kodak 3.2 megapixel digital camera. I have already tried both the high res and low res.

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i'm not a pro, just started fiddling with my digicam for close-up shots. it's a Nikon Coolpix SQ. here's what i do to get a good close up shot.

1. place the object in between 2 similar lightsource e.g below 2 ceiling fluorescent tubes as shown.



2. using a white cardboard/paper, make a 'J' shaped bend as the makeshift white background, with the object in the middle as shown


3. with the help of a tripod, place the camera to the object as close as the 'macro' mode (flower icon on the camera) can accept. in this mode, remember to disable 'flash'. remember that any slight movement will distort the image taken, so practice often for a stable 'shooting' finger. adjust the 'white balance' of the camera to suit the condition (incandescent/fluorescent/sunny/cloudy/speedlight). remember to adjust the brightness so the background will be as white as possible but not distorting the colour of the object. i usually use about +1.3 from the original brightness. then play with some settings like 'metering'(matrix/spot/centre-weighted) & 'focus' (auto or manual). practice often till u can form a sharp image, and then shoot. u may edit the pics using adobe photoshop or other software(which i know nuts).

4. examples of my pics using these settings & setup:



5. use the highest possible quality & biggest size for the picture. u can resize it using adobe photoshop to a certain size, i.e 640X640 without sacrificing quality & clarity.

6. to avoid clogging up this site of space, or if u want to post a bigger picture, use websites like Photobucket ( ) or any other similar sites. upload ur pics there, then to display in this forum, copy the IMG tag and paste it here. it does not rob this site's bandwith or diskspace.

hopefully the pics will help u get started.

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thanks fir3 tig3r. Good stuff.

Maybe I'll do better using my wife's Sony, as well as using your tips. It has a few more features than my little base digital camera.

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