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Do anyone used mold max 40 from smooth on to make a mold???

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Hi,I'm about to make a mold for the first time and I will use the mold max 40 from smooth on!Do anyone know what to do and what not to do using that product so that every thing gos ok???I also got some 15 lbs eurethane to make the lures from smooth on some if anyone have some good tips I would appreciate a lot?

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First let me ask if the 15# urethane is an expanding


I have not poured any expanding foam in a silicone mold.

The foam will expand so much, I am afraid it will distort the

silicone mold.

As far as the Mold Max 40, follow directions and use an aquarium

pump to vibrate the mold box. Use a very small paint brush to

brush the silicone in and around your model. As the air bubbles

come to the top bust them with air from a hairdryer or airbrush.

Have you read the tutorials in here. Art Brush has a very

good one and he is using silicone rubber to make his mold.


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