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Thanks Blades

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Blades, after you posted your formula for the "sunny side up" I just had to try that pattern. I'm using the createx water based paints so needless to say the results don't come close to the crank you posted with that pattern, but it still was awesome. In fact, after I got the orange on I realized I had seen that pattern before. It was ten years ago in south Carolina while fishing at Santee Cooper. The guy said " I got something to show you". He pulled out a suspending rogue with the same pattern as what resulted in my baits and told me if I ever come across anyone with one of these buy it. He said it is worth every penny of $100.00. That's how much he had paid for his. Of course is was in pretty bad shape from all the use it had and fish he had caught on it. It was a really strange (but good) feeling of a deja-vu when I realized what that pattern is. So I just wanted to say Thanks for sharing everything about that with us. I hope someday I can return the favor, you do the most awesome paint jobs I've ever seen. Thanks again.

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Basstech , sorry for not replying and saying YOU ARE WELCOME!

You ain't kidding, I am reminded quite often how small a world it is!

A guy from Prosperity (spelling) South Carolina sent me a Rogue in that similar pattern few months ago and asked if I could reproduce the color.

I tried to put a little extra "twist" in it to make it mine lol.

The one the guy sent me was in really bad shape as well.

Sante ain't too far from Prosperity lol.Anyway, thank you very much for the nice compliment!I am glad it was a success for you.

Again,I apologize for the slow reply. I guess your post just slipped by me.


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OK now you have my interest up. I looked in the cookbook and there was no listing for "Sunny Side Up". Was just curious what paint scheme someone would pay $100 for. LOL

Where can I find this Sunny Side Up from Blades? ;-)

Got my Interest,


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