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Hey peoples... just saying a quick hello.

I have a Lee leadpot and a few molds, and was searching for a site like this. Great info and none of the political BS found on most forums.

A couple of quick questions...

Where to buy stuff to make plastics in Canada? Real Pro doesn't have anything, and B&B doesn't have much of a website, so I won't be seeing if they have anything until the spring fishing show.

I am thinking about having a (sorta) luremaking party... and tips, thoughts or suggestions? I fish with a few different groups of guys, and I have invited most of them over. Just trying to figure out what to get, and how to do things...

I am not too concerned over buying a bunch of the supplies and letting people have stuff for free, but how do you politely ask for people to contribute for supplies? I have 8 2oz jars of powder paint, and what I was thinking was asking people to buy 1 jar of powder paint in a color that I don't have, and then they have use of all the colors I have. I figure we won't individually make enough stuff to warrant everyone buying all their own paint, but instead if everybody picks up a new color, then we can all use the various colors. Same thing with hooks, maybe I can ask each person to pickup a 100 pack of hooks each in various sizes so that we can all end up with a variety.

I am sure that a few people have done this, a few times now. If you guys can help me out with some ideas, it would be much appreciated. FWIW, I am plannning to do this 1 week after our spring fishing show, so that people who are coming have a chance to get some of the supplies they need for whatever they want to make.



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Hey Corey, welcome to TU.

The tackle making get together sounds like a good idea. I think your plans sound reasonable.

I've been ordering plastics from the US, send me an email if you need help locating some.

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