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Tailor Maid

Cudos to Legendary Lures!!!!

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Hi guys. :D

Just wanted to let you know about the Legendary Lures Prop Job and their support. The following is a private mail sent between LL and myself:

"Hi LL,

I hope the summer's going great for you.

I wanted to let you know I was out on the water yesterday, and the fishing was tough. The lake I was on (Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada) traditional is a great smallmouth fishery. You could see the fish, but not get them to bite. I had tried everything, and then tied on your prop job, that I received in the tackle swap on the other board.

Two cast and I had a boil. Missed the fish, Another cast and I had it on. Well after a good fight I had her beside the boat. 5 plus ( I think). The guy fishing with me could not believe what he saw. I thought she was tuckered out and went to lip her into the boat...she ran and snapped the line....duh!

Needless to say I watched her swim away with that prop job smiling at me all the way back to the bottom.

Tried other prop baits for the rest of the day ( including some of the other ones from the swap ) and was able to catch only one where close to the size.

So first off, thanks for the was exhilarating!......(etc.)"

He had more made up and shipped them off prompty. As well as some "good will" in the box!

I highly recommend Legendary Lures. Excellent quality and great support!!! I CAN'T WAIT..................

Great Fishing!

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Carl's email is the kind that we all love to get. Hearing about someone's fishing success is what keeps me going. Having fished a couple of Canadian lakes myself, I can relate to what he said about "sight fishing".

Thanks for sharing and good luck!


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