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New Baits - feed back apreciated

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Hey All .. been working on some new baits .. need some feed back .. the wife is useless. " Yea honey those are pretty " does not get it.

And the pictures are great .. I gotta get some better lighting so it will show the colors correctly. The spotted one is supposed to be purple back and green spots, and chartreuse belly. :censored: anyway thanks in advance.






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Share on other sites .. I figured was old lures .. nah just stands and hook protectors. why would I by a stand when can make my self.

The hook protectors just clear tubing. I can by and cut and slide hooks my self. Nice stuff if you just want someone else to do it for you. But If that's what I wanted I'd just buy my baits not make my own :)

But I guess that's how people make a buck.. I will keep first few I make to put up in my old lures display case. Heck I may just amuse my self making replicas of the old time lures complete with card board, and dovetails wood boxes, and start a case just for them.

Oh and yes I am having fun, hope to get good enough to someday make some extra cash selling my excess to pay for better tools , maybe even new boat :)

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