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michael merrill

Rattle frequencies

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I think most "studies" of how rattles attract fish are as much sales pitch as science. Most of the evidence is anecdotal but many guys who fish for a living like rattles in stained water and use them less, if at all, in clear water. Then you have lipless cranks filled with rattles that catch more bass than any other crankbait. There are probably also differences among largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass as to the degree they find rattles attractive. As a builder mostly interested in catching fish, I generally don't include rattles. If I need them, I have plenty of plastic cranks filled with them. Second, most cranks do have rattles, so throwing one that doesn't can be an advantage. I figure bass can shy away from rattles if they've been fooled by them a few times. But that's just opinion, not proof. You have to draw your own conclusions and build accordingly.

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