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Need to know about lip design.

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I see crankbaits with several different lip designs in them.

I am sure each lip design has a purpose.

Can someone tell me the purpose of the following designs:

Coffin lip??

Round lip??

Straight lip??



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That's a real good question. Here are my conclusions.

The coffin lip is the best for deflective purposes. Through my trials it is definitely the best anywhere you have stuff to bang the lure into. When I fish these lures I don't feel the bait alot untill it starts to dig and hit stuff. Once this happens you can really feel the bait. If you watch the line close enough you will see it dance. It is the best deflective lip there is.

Round lips are use to baisically impart action on a crank. Wide crankbaits basically take wide lips to make them move. Also a round lip gives the most surface for the water to "press" on to allow the lure to achieve maximum depth quicker and easier.

Flat lips are more or less used on fat shallow running cranks like the H&T crankbaits that Jeff and Tim make. They make the bait deflect different and probably give a little more depth to the lure than a round lip put in at the same angle.

Hope this helps.


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