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foil question

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fatfingers    80

If I understand the question, you mean you have grooves which you'd prefer to have exposed and unfoiled.

If so, the only thing I can think of is that you'd have to carefully cut out the foil with an exacto knife.

I know of no way to avoid foiling a given area.

Now there is a material in silver and gold that is similar to the sheets of gold leaf but comparatively cheap to buy. You apply glue to the area you wish to foil and press the thin sheets of silver foil against the glued area.

I tried it a few times but the stuff is a bit awkward to work with although you can reapply to silver to any area that you missed which is nice. It doesn't show seems. Also it cannot be etched in case you hope to etch a scale pattern in after foiling.

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savacs    0

Try the aluminium foil used for heat sources, or airconditioning. It's elastic, and can be aplied real easy, and after some try outs u'll get it right every time u r not in a hurry :D

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