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michael merrill

A couple of re-finishing questions

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I would like to hear some suggestions from the fellas that do this regularly.I have a guy who has given me a few lures to refinish for him.He wants me to apply foil over some plastic production lures. :? In addition, he has also given me a couple older Poes 300's to refinish with a specific pattern in mind on one of them.My concern with applying foil over plastic lies in the adhesion.What type of method could I use and still be able to emboss the lure with my texture roller having the scales as "deep" as on my balsas or cedars?There seems to be issues with the Poes not catching fish,not sure if its color or weight or?I would like to return the Poes as proven fish catchers.Will the fellas who have dealt with those please offer up some advice on what it takes to alter one of those Poes to make it produce.Blackjack offered earlier a stripping method that I will be using to "peel it like a banana",but I would also like to weight it with a proven method so I dont ruin his lures.He is a customer of mine,and has been.Thanxs. :)

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