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wood lures what order do you.

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kbkindle here what order do you make a woodlure here is what i do maybe wrong

#1 cut out profile

#2 drill holes for belly weight, rear wire hook hanger front wire hook hanger if i use them , cut slot for bills and glue in belly weights and wires

#3 sand out lure to my likeing

#4 prime , sand primer if any inprofections re prime

#5 paint

#6 glue in bill

#7 devcon two ton

#8 put on drying wheel

what am i doing wrong i have not had any problems but i only have done about 6 lures so far. just want you experts to check me out.

thank guys kb

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Between steps 3 and 4, I seal the plug. Mix of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits for me. Let dry for a week, then prime. Oh you also forgot the last part, take them fishing :wink:


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