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Belly Weights

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Hi I?m looking to add some weight to my first wood plugs that I made and I was wondering what to use to fill in the holes for the belly weight. Would a wood putty or glue and saw dust work better. Thanks for any help.

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my choices, from my own observation.

1. wood filler.

pros: coz it's easier to sand down and get it to blend in almost perfectly with the belly curvature. dries fast too. u can always reapply as needed. maneouvreability.

cons: soft, may crack or chip off if ur lure is attacked in that area even with coats of devcon over it.

2. 5 min epoxy.

pros: sets in real quick. solid setting. gives lead wight more attachment.

cons: when trimming excess epoxy, it's harder to shave when fully cured. when cut, may reveal some air bubbles which may blemish the lure.

so what i do now is, if the belly hole still has much depth after the lead has gone in is to put some epoxy just below the brim and let it cure. followed by wood filler to cover the rest and sand it down.

wood filler is easier to handle around the hooh eyelets, as i usually attach my belly weight with a hook eyelet.

other than that, other holes i just fill with epoxy :D

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